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Irene Adler

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Полное имя:
Irene Adler/Ирэн Адлер
30 лет
Род занятий:




James Moriarty/Джеймс Мориарти

Those who have seen your face draw back in fear.

My Phantom. I'd be the mask he wears but he has hundreds of them. Describing him in one word: Changeable. He said it himself and was honest to the very last letter. I would call him the wind as he knows exactly when to be a warm and gentle breeze and when to become a destructive and deadly tornado. You can never say for sure why he's smiling at you. Does he like you or is he just being polite before you get a shot-farewell? His intelligence and artistic nature, the ease with which he controls everything overwhelmed me if not to say conquered. I must admit that's the point of no return. And have you seen his eyes by the way? I'd never put a bandage over them. I just adore to see this Space Dementia.
Yes, of course, Jim is totally insane. But we all are. That's the one of two reasons why I won't hesitate to say "yes" to whatever he makes up in his brilliant mind. Even if one day he suddenly forgets the glass globe.
Jim Moriarty. I think he just likes to cause trouble. Now that's my kind of man.

Sebastian Moran/Себастьян Моран

One look could kill.

Chilling man. In all senses. He's smart and quiet. The second mentioned quality makes him even more dangerous than a riffle in his hands. And he handles it professionally. He seems to be one of the most reserved people I know. But maybe things turn different when mr Moran stays with those whom he really trusts. His word is "Accurate". Or it's better to say "Discipline". Not in my favourite meaning though.
Our conversations are ironic and none of us wants to lose. That provokes us both, I guess, so I enjoy his company a lot. He's a bit rude as a military man, but that suits him quite well. And I do love his voice and grin. *smirks* I'm cursed, aren't I?
Sebastian is the man who knows the rules of the Game inside out and follows them strictly. Sometimes I wish I could make him forget at least one. 

Sherlock Holmes/Шерлок Холмс

Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies.

Brainy, brainy Sherlock. My fiasco. I have controversial feelings about this man. That's a common state when someone saves your life. He did save mine so I'm thankful. He sees himself as a superhero, no doubt. And he's not so bad in that part. Impressive.
Unfortunately I got lost in the game I played with him. I deceitfully cut myself with my own silly heart, not his cheekbones. I should have talked less the evening when our clever detective in a funny hat almost ruined my life with his logic. What I absolutely can't forgive is that he revealed my weakness in front of his brother. He desolated me, he made me cry. And I'll make him pay. Certainly Twice.

John Watson/Джон Ватсон

Always on his side.

Mr Watson is a war man, but he's too romantic for not being gentleman. He tenderly tied up to Sherlock and loves him dearly. No need for jealousy, dear mr Watson. I won't give my child your middle name.
He's a bit closed-minded but that's too obvious. He may hold some secret desires deep within. He just need time and maybe he'll cross a line which he drew once. Attentive and brave man. And, God, he has a gift to write. I always looking forward the new detective adventure with SH.

Anna Holmes/Анна Холмс

It's a family affair.

The Holmes-brothers have a neffy-neffy niece? Aww, how nice.
She' s a fine art expert. And it looks like the only thing she has inherited from her uncles is inquisitivness. Luckily, she uses it mostly in her work. Good for London demons. Holmes-trio could complicate our business. Yet, the harder a problem is the stronger is a challenge. So, never mind.
I cannot deny that Miss Holmes is ready-witted and confident. She could be a leader in a team. And again, she's nosy, but that's no big deal, 'cause her little nose is sugar pretty. 

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Вы здесь » Catch you later » Declassified » Irene Adler

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